1. Deranged.

    Forever we remain,
    Together we contemplate
    Running against the current
    Pacing toward the mayhem

    Clasping our hands,
    together, we run
    Run fast, faster than we can
    No restriction, we just bent

    Far to reality
    We choose vagary
    Full of illusion
    that only filled our vision

    It’s our happiness
    It’s where we likely
    Us in the meadow,
    creating memories in the shadow

    Force of life, we woke
    Dreamless night I spoke
    Gratuitous world we hold
    Spit of tears and blood on foe

    Where is happy?
    Does it exist on alley?
    Why it doesn’t call?
    Is it afraid I might fall?

  2. You stole a blue french horn for me.

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  4. kristianeffinsucks:

    Desire is the devil’s dance and humans are his favorite partner. Everyone desires money, all of us desire power. Some may argue and deny it, but this lust is congenital. Greed runs through our veins and blackens our hearts. A cancer cell overpowering our subconscious minds until we accept it…

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  6. Permanently stuck between:


    ”I really want to talk to you” and  ”I don’t want to annoy you.”

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